Home Detox Essential Oil Blends 9ml – Triple Pack

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Detox your home with our blend of essential oils carefully created to cleanse the air and freshen things up around the house. Each of the three blends in this collection have been carefully formulated using only our finest natural oils to improve the atmosphere in your home. With notes of lemon, clary sage and lavender, our Kitchen Detox blend will leave a calming ambience in the heart of your home. Our Hallway Detox contains an uplifting blend of peppermint, lemon, rosemary and lavender to reinvigorate transient spaces, while the grounding properties of the Home Detox, consisting of cypress, lemon and juniper, will help you feel right at home, wherever you are.

** End of line stock – packaging may have tears and marks and not be in pristine condition.  The items inside are all good quality and unaffected by the packaging imperfections **

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