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Modeling US Armor of World War 2 by Steven J Zaloga


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Bullet Points:
– Detailed guide on modeling US Armor from World War 2
– Written by expert historian and modeler, Steven J Zaloga
– Provides step-by-step instructions for creating accurate and realistic models
– Includes tips and techniques for weathering and adding realistic details
– Features photographs and reference material for authenticity

Description :
This book, “Modeling US Armor of World War 2” by Steven J Zaloga, is the ultimate guide for enthusiasts and modelers interested in recreating the iconic vehicles of the US Army during World War 2. Zaloga, a renowned historian and modeler, shares his expertise and insider knowledge in this comprehensive guide. The book covers a range of US tanks, including the Sherman, Pershing, and Stuart, providing detailed instructions on assembly, painting, weathering, and adding realistic details. Accompanied by numerous photographs and reference material, this guide offers a wealth of inspiration and knowledge for both beginners and experienced modelers.

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